The city of Brezno is cooperating in the development of an application for managing home care service


Home care service is one of the most used social services in Slovakia.
The service is provided to a dependent person (recipient) who needs care due to age or disability by professional caregivers. It includes providing assistance with self-care and household care.
The city of Brezno became a partner in the social innovation project called OPATRIO, supported by Norwegian grants and the Slovak state budget.
The ultimate goal is to achieve a higher quality of life for people dependent on the help of others, their loved ones, and more effective management of the home care service by its providers in Slovakia.

Although the home care service represents one of the basic pillars of the so-called deinstitutionalization process, i.e. transition from institutional to community care, service providers, especially municipalities, are already facing many challenges. These will only intensify with the expected increase in the number of clients in the future due to the increasing number of people in senior age. One of the key measures will therefore be the optimization of the provision of this social service.

The core of the project is the development of the web application of the same nameas atoolfor cities & municipalities(so called public providers), non-public providers, professional caregivers and the recipients of the service themselves and their family members. The application aims to comprehensively unify the provision of home care service, and its function could be simply summarized as "Customer relation management for home care service." The effort is to bring such a system that will be extremely useful and a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.

The project will be implemented in cooperation of project promoter, company PROROZVOJ, s.r.o. with the Department of Resident Care of the Brezno Municipal Office in the form of providing requirements and feedback during the development of the application, as well as its subsequent testing in the real conditions of providing home care service in the city.